Farmeze is an Android based mobile application for small to medium sized dairy farms. Farmeze provide an easy to interact, quick and highly flexible solution for farmers to easily manage milk production, animal vaccination, record keeping and reporting. A sensor device tagged to the cattle will communicate with Farmeze software through Bluetooth, providing health information of each animal to the user.

Easy to Interact

Farmeze is designed for people with very basic understanding of cell phones. It is very easy to use and interact due to wide range of icons and visual graphics.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable prices for the beginners and advance level customers. Free usage of Farmeze for a farm with maximum 10 animals.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

To prove our confidence in the services, we are offering a generous 60 days, money back, satisfaction guarantee.

Light Weight

Farmeze is developed using best practices of memory optimization. That’s why it is small in size, light weight, and consumes very less amount of RAM.


Farmeze is 100% in its services, accurate in its calculation and recovers easily from any failure of operation.


Application is highly efficient in throughput of information, response time, recovery time, and startup time.

Building a site has never  been so fun

Core Features of Farmeze

Animals Management

It has never been so easy to manage animals at the farms. With Farmeze you can easily manage your animals by tracking their production and health issues. Farmeze provide you very easy to interact procedure to register and delete animals.

Vaccination Reminders

Vaccination is very important to keep them safe from viral diseases which can decrease their production and can lead to death. For this, Farmeze reminds you at first of every month about the vaccination of animals.


Health of the animal is the major concern for the farmer, because health of animals plays an important role in production of farm. Farmeze provide you a very effective solution to record and manage vaccination records of the animals.


Farmeze provide you a one click solution for generating milk and vaccination reports. Farm data is exported into a CSV file, which can be easily viewed on any android device.

Farm manager can easily send daily milk production to Owner via SMS. Very precise and shot text format is used to keep the SMS reports short, simple and precise.

Farmeze provide you a highly efficient and highly usable platform to record, manage and report the milk production of farm. You can easily view the average production of farm and average production of an individual animal.

Milk Production Management

Milking is the most important and main part of farming. Managing milk records for each animal is not an easy task. Farmeze provide farmers a generic solution for all milking animals. Farmers can easily analyze the production of the whole farm or individual cow. Farmeze provide farmers a highly interactive and easy to use interface to record and update milk production. Farmers can also edit already submitted records using password protected administrative rights.

Efficient Milk and Vaccination Reporting

Efficient, timely and correct reporting plays an important role in the better decision making and evolution of business. Farmeze provide farmers a reporting solution with numerous options. Milk production reports helps you understand about the performance of

Milk Production Reports


Vaccination Reports


SMS Reports