Data Mining and Machine Learning Services


The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is changing the way we live and work. Today’s manufacturers produce more data in a single day than they did in a full month just ten years ago: sensor data, camera images, customer information, and much more. Making sense of this data – gaining real time, actionable intelligence from it is the challenge. Using this flood of data Bitsym’s Bitpredict machine maintenance services can predict failures in industrial machinery and vehicles much before they occur so that customer is able to perform predictive maintenance saving precious maintenance costs and revenue avoiding equipment down-times. Bitsym is actively providing these services to various clients such as aircraft manufacturers and industrial manufacturing setups.

Bitpredict platform is providing services in the following areas:



Using aircraft sensor data we can do:

  • Early detection and isolation of faults occurring in different aircraft systems including engine, hydraulic system, fuel system.
  • Remaining useful life prediction of various aircraft components
  • Overall health assessment
  • Predictive maintenance

Bitpredict for Industrial IoT cloud
Bitpredict provides machine learning services to efficiently and cost effectively maintain industrial system.


Bitpredict for Automobile industry provides features such as:

  • On board monitoring and diagnostics
  • Real time fault prognostics
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Engine condition monitoring
  • Critical component health assesment
  • Remaining useful life prediction of various vehicle components