Economical Power and Energy Measurement


Biteze Hydro by BITSYM is a one of its kind comprehensive smart solution for monitoring and record keeping of electricity parameters like current, voltage, and power produced at micro hydro power station in Pakistan. It has a precise and continuous electricity data logger, so that the MHP owner does not depend on manual data entry in registers. Its alarm module provides a timely notification based on parameters values before any kind of failure. Internet connectivity option where available provides remote access at unit office and get real live data of MHP load and consumption along with graphical presentation and spreadsheets.  Provision of IP camera is also an added feature for the user which can be accessed through a computer or mobile phone.

Key Benefits

  • All in one smart solution to reduce electricity waste and improve power quality.
  • Real-time alerts to customer helps them take timely action and precautions.
  • Automated meter data entry can save time and hassle of manual entries.
  • Enable timely access to usage and diagnosis of information.
  • Reduced risk of fault/failure and hardware replacements.
  • Better maintenance of hydro power stations.
  • Support micro-grids.



  • Provides up to 10 electricity parameters such as current, voltage etc. on 1 display screen.
  • Automated and continuous data storage into spread sheets.
  • Real-time alarm generation for voltage and frequency parameters.
  • Wi-Fi IP camera live streaming.
  • Wireless and Ethernet remote monitoring access for unit office.
Meter Connectivity
Meter is connect to the computer using serial port.


IP Cam Connectivity
IP cam can be accessed through both wired or wireless connection depending upon available connection.


Biteze-Hydro provides simple and interactive user interface to provide best possible control for our users.

Biteze hydro_gui