Biteze: IoT Device Software Development Kit

Reduce Firmware Implementation time: years to months and months to years
Connect sensors, human and info faster, reliably, Intelligently.

Biteze SDK.

Bitsym Biteze is a customizable Internet of Things SDK for IoT application development and faster time to the market. Our vision for Biteze is to provide a reliable platform to connect devices at any time, context, place, path, service and person.

Parameter Sensing

Five sense solutions for internet of things.

Activity Tracking

Track humans & machines above and below surface.

Embedded Communication APIs

Integration with AMQP, MQTT etc. for back-end communication.

Self Healing / Self- Configuration

Detect & adapt to link breakages, deploy and forget turn-key solutions.

Event and Anomaly Detection

Pin point the occurrence and location of key events as and when they happen.

Multi-platform Frontend Integration

Support and customizations for top of the line dashboards & APIs as Thingworx, Parse or custom built front-ends.


Determine location in any target deployment.

Network QoS

Routing, flow management, guaranteed throughputs.


Ensuring multi-tier privacy and integrity of the data ; starting from devices, applications, inside the network, at the fog or cloud data centers.

Why developers love it!

Biteze Support

Biteze supports diverse IoT/machine-to-machine (M2M application requirements across all industry sectors.

Biteze is optimized for Texas Instrument MSP430 family of controllers/transceivers for the initial offering. Other customizations and portings can be provided as per customer need and requirement basis.

Answer to IoT Design Challenges

Developing an IoT application poses conflicting demands:

  • Faster time to the market
  • Support for device and protocol features as connectivity, analytics, actuation, security , qos, self healing, self configuration etc.

Implementations require cross-domain skilled expertise

  • Takes months to years to come up with solutions

Biteze Flexibility

Biteze enables custom application development using flexible devices integrating a Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Can be scaled to support deployments of any size
  • Offers advanced remote management capabilities
  • Can be integrated with prevalent management and software platforms
  • Ensures reliable and secure connectivity in extreme conditions

Biteze Value

“Biteze software development kit (SDK)” enables team Bitsym deliver ready-to-market solutions in a short span, made possible by combining sensing, computing, communication and actuation in a single API with an ability to create virtual sub-networks from IoT platforms. Technically, “Biteze SDK” is a consolidated solution to: 1. acquire sensor data; 2. transmit data via communication API 3. consolidate sensor data in a vault; and 4. display results via a dashboard. Associated APIs extract intelligence, detect events, generate alarms and actuate, all in real-time with an extremely efficient optimized code base. The SDK can be customized for multiple device platforms and application requirements within days and weeks.

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